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Commercial Carpet Tiles
Broadloom Carpet

We want to provide you with solutions for your commercial that are both stylish and sustainable.

Carpet tiles are the most effective solution, they offer a range of design options and are made to withstand the foot flow of the commercial environment.

Our suppliers include:

  • Abingdon

  • Balsan

  • Bloq

  • Gradus

  • Modulyss

  • Ruutu - one of our trusted and quality suppliers Ruutu offer an excellent range of carpet tiles for your commercial space. You can view a case study here for an exhibition on one of their fantastic options.

Broadloom Carpet

This flexible and forgiving solution is ideal for everything from offices to movie theatres. Its wides loom weave style allows it to be durable and is suitable for installation wall-to-wall.


We are thrilled to work with suppliers such as:


  • Abingdon Carpets

  • Cormar Carpets

  • Condor Carpets

  • Fletco Carpets

  • Signature Carpets

A perfect solution for all spaces, this carpet can fit specialised size requirements and is the perfect solution for those imperfectly shaped spaces you previously just did not know what to do with. Allow PWM Agencies to grant you the solution through our broadloom carpets.

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