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Location: London
Design: Zentura
Sector: Trading
Product: COMPOSITION Park Original Oak


We are proud to work in conjunction with a company such as Plusfloor, we want to take this opportunity to give you an example of how their products have been used in the UK. 

VCMT facilitates confidential and highly responsive trading opportunities in the commodity derivatives space. Recently relocating offices Zentura carried out the full relocation and refurbishment creating a vibrant workplace including this amazing reception and break-out space with COMPOSITION wood-effect plank vinyl laid herringbone.

We are eager to create a space for you that is as engaging and productive as the one shown in this case study. Allow us to serve you with some of the excellent quality products Plusfloor supplies.

If this case study has piqued your interest in Plusfloor products do not hesitate to reach out and allow us to create you a vibrant and amazing workspace.

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